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Welcome to the Latin American Dance Society (LADAS) at UON group! LADAS is a student club that has has been at the University of Newcastle, Australia for more than 15 years. Originally established as La Peña, this club is a place for sharing and celebrating all Latin American culture and dance. Over the years, Latin Dance has become the main focus of the club, and so each semester we provide our members with lessons & social nights in two of the most popular Latin Dances - Salsa & Bachata. We regularly feature other social dance styles from all over the world! Sem 1 2021 we are learning Brazilian Zouk!
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Our aims are:
1.1. To promote Latin American Social and Cultural activities at the University of Newcastle
1.2. Provide a space for students from different background to learn and share Latin-American Culture
1.3. To promote Latin dance and music
1.4. To support and promote UNSA representation and advocacy
1.5. To create a community of belonging for all people who choose to belong to the society


Join us to dance and have fun online with your club mates on Monday nights! 1. join zoom on a computer / TV: 2. open 'just dance now' app on a phone and join the dance room shared on zoom 3. Enjoy the dance party, everyone gets two free songs to pick! You'll need the apps here: Apple: Android:

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