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Welcome to the official page for the African Postgraduates Student Association (APSA) at the University of Newcastle.

We are here to provide socio-cultural exchanges among African and other international students through various educational programs.


A) To create a platform for postgraduate students to network and discuss research, global perspectives and policy initiatives with a bearing on the African continent and the African Diaspora.
B) To help African postgraduate students get adjusted to the University of Newcastle and the lifestyle of NSW, Australia.
C) To enable African postgraduate students to get to know each other and form connections.
D) To promote the African culture awareness around the campus.
E) To promote unity, arouse interest and mutual understanding among African students, international students, and motivate non-African students at the University of Newcastle.
F) To foster interaction and friendship between the APSA membership, the faculty membership and membership of other student groups in the university community.
G) To create and provide awareness through various programs and social activities relating to Africa and African heritage. H) To provide a structure wherein the needs and interest of the membership can be addressed and served.