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2023 Annual General Meeting

It’s time for our AGM, and you’re invited!

What’s this? Each year, UNSA hosts its Annual General Meeting. UNSA will discuss its Annual Report for the calendar year 2022, its financial audit, and general updates. There will be an opportunity for members (that’s you) to ask questions or make comments.
Best of all, there’s going to be free pizza for lunch, an ice cream sundae bar, and lucky door prizes for those who stay for the meeting!

Why?UNSA is your student association. You’ll learn about what we’ve been doing for you, and you’ll be able to hear updates from the UNSA Team, provide feedback, and ask questions (did we mention free pizza and free ice cream?).

Where?  UNSA Building, Callaghan (AGM is also available via Zoom)

When?  Wednesday 10th May at 11:30am

2022 Annual Financial Report

This document outlines UNSA's service provisions & expenses for the period of January-December 2022.

Agenda - 2023 UNSA AGM

Download the agenda for our 2023 AGM on May 10th, held at the UNSA Building at Callaghan Campus.