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Nominations are now open for the
2021 Student Experience Awards!

These awards, co-hosted by UNSA and Student Central, recognise those students who've made great contributions to campus life, supported their peers, fostered community, and overcome enormous personal obstacles during their studies.

Details of UNSA's four major awards are below. Each award has a separate category for undergraduate and postgraduate students; make sure you read the descriptions carefully, and select the right form for your nominee. If you know someone whose efforts have improved your experience at UON, or whose achievements you admire, these awards are an excellent way to show your appreciation.

Nominations close on Friday, October 22 at 5pm.

Nominations are now also open for Student Central's award categories! Details of these can be found at


Student Perseverance Award

Ask any student, undergrad or postgrad, and they'll tell you just how challenging student life can be. Group work, deadlines, essays and assignments, late-night classes, examinations, journal articles, thesis chapters, lectures from your supervisor… The academic rigours alone can be intense.

For some students, however, there are even greater challenges than these. Injury or illness. Family problems. Homesickness. Financial hardship. Trying to juggle work, study and parenthood. For some of us, this year has been a constant battle just to keep standing, to keep moving forward – and something to celebrate when we do.

The Student Perseverance Award highlights those students who have continued to make progress in their degree despite the enormous adversities and challenges they have faced this year. It
goes to those who've shown exceptional fortitude and resolve, adapting to new circumstances or bearing sudden upheavals without ever giving up.

Nominations will be judged in terms of:
  • Nominee’s commitment to their studies, despite personal challenges or hardships;
  • Nominee’s demonstrated resilience; and
  • Nominee’s positive impact on other UON students and/or external stakeholders because of these.


Student Peer Support Award

University is not just a place to study, but to make new friends. And rightly so: good friends make our time here even richer, more exciting and enjoyable. They help us feel connected to community, something bigger than the classroom. And our best friends keep us going when nothing else can – when life, and our studies, become too difficult to navigate alone.

The Student Peer Support Award recognises those students who are always there to help their friends. The ones who make time to catch up with you, and are always there to listen when you need to vent your frustrations or talk about your fears. The ones who do all the little things each day that support you, encourage you, and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Recipients of this award are true friends that make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow students. They cheer you up when you’ve had a rough week, help you move house, and lend you a pen when you've forgotten yours. They are kind, thoughtful, selfless and reliable, looking out for others and making them feel welcome in the office, the classroom or online.

Nominations will be judged in terms of:

  • Nominee’s commitment to supporting those around them;
  • Nominee’s scope and nature of support; and
  • Nominee’s positive impact on other UON students and/or external stakeholders.


Campus Contribution Award

The best part of student life is student community. A thriving student community allows you to make new friends, learn new skills, get strong support and feel included. There are tons of amazing clubs, social groups and initiatives on campus, but none would exist at all without students to start them – those who have an idea, make plans, bring people together and get the ball rolling, so that something new and incredible can grow.

The Campus Contribution Award celebrates those students who cultivate a positive, supportive and vibrant student culture, and who demonstrate outstanding commitment to enhancing the experience of their fellow students. Recipients of this award are involved, active and inclusive in the community, either on campus or online; they are social connectors that draw other students in to participate in clubs, activities and events, and help them have a great time.

Those who are involved and enthusiastic, network widely among their peers, attend numerous events, lead highly successful clubs or build community and joy are all ideal nominees for this award.

Nominations will be judged in terms of:

  • Nominee’s leadership and organisational skills;
  • Nominee’s support of their fellow students;
  • Nominee’s collaboration and engagement with different student groups; and
  • Nominee’s development of new ideas and initiatives that improve student experience at UON.


Student Excellence Award

For the student who has everything! The Student Excellence Award celebrates a true all-rounder: someone whose dedication to their studies is complemented by strong participation in community groups and organisations, volunteering, professional development, student leadership and advocacy, or any combination of the above.

Recipients of this award take on a range of responsibilities in their daily lives, be it personal, professional or academic, and go above and beyond to make a positive impact on university culture. They seek diverse opportunities and frequently step outside their comfort zone. They help give voice to their fellow students. Their multitasking skills are legendary.

In short, the Student Excellence Award celebrates true student champions that embrace with vigour every part of university life. If you know someone who inspires you, does a thousand and one things and seeks constantly to develop themselves, this is a fantastic opportunity to recognise them.

Nominations will be judged in terms of:

  • Nominee’s leadership skills;
  • Nominee’s commitment to skill-building and self-development;
  • Nominee’s accomplishments in terms of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities; 
  • Nominee’s commitment to volunteering and/or community engagement; and
  • Nominee’s positive impact on other UON students and/or external stakeholders.